Japanese vehicle production in July fell to 883,962 vehicles, the seventh monthly
decline in a row, according to Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association figures.

At 370,663, vehicle exports were 6.3 percent down, JAMA said. Shipments to
North America increased for the first time in four months by 7.5 percent to
150,726 vehicles though overall car exports fell five percent to 319,631 vehicles
and truck shipments plunged 14.5 percent to 47,104.

JAMA cites the ramping up of Toyota Yaris (Vitz/Echo) production in France
as one reason for the 28.5 percent decrease in European Union exports to 66,646
vehicles. Asian shipments fell 25.5 percent to 29,304.

Car production fell a fractional 148 units to 734,748 vehicles but truck output
plunged 10,775 units (seven percent) to 144,048 compared with 2000, the second
lowest figure for the month on record. On a brighter note, bus output increased
by 2.8 percent to 5,166.

The popularity of new models such as the subcompact Fit hatchback (Jazz) helped
Honda to boost production 11.9 percent from a year ago to 117,400 vehicles.

Toyota increased output to 307,477, up 3.7 percent on a year ago. In contrast,
Nissan production decreased 6.9 percent to 115,393.

Bus exports increased 3.5 percent to 3,928 units.

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