JATCO has announced that it has jointly developed with Nissan Motor the Jatco CVT7 W/R, a new CVT (continuously variable transmission) for front-wheel-drive compact vehicles designed to enhance fuel efficiency.

The CVT7 W/R is based on the CVT7, the first CVT with an auxiliary gearbox. The newly developed transmission provides further enhanced driving performance by using technologies such as active slip control to prevent excessive engine pick-up response when starting off and D-step (Dynamic Step-Shift) control to provide a sportier driving experience.

Using newly developed belts and improved pulleys, the largest CVT ratio coverage of 8.7 is realised. Friction is reduced by adapting an enhanced small-sized oil pump, and fuel efficiency is improved accordingly. The CVT7 W/R is produced in Jatco's (Guangzhou) Automatic Transmission and fitted in Nissan's new Lannia to be launched in China this month.

Transmission production started in August.