The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) and the Japan Motor Industrial
Federation (JMIF) will merge by May 2002 to reduce costs for members, Kyodo News
reported, quoting unidentified sources.

The decision, made at individual groups’ board meetings, would have to
be approved at annual meetings scheduled for May, the sources added.

Toyota Motor chairman Hiroshi Okuda, also the chairman of the Japan Federation
of Employers Association (Nikkeiren) and head of the two automotive groups,
will announce the decision today, the sources said.

JAMA has 13 automobile and motorbike makers as members while the 120 JMIF members
include vehicle and component makers. The JMIF also organises the annual Tokyo
Motor Show.

Okuda has pushed for various vehicle industry groups to consolidate, the sources
told Kyodo News.

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