Hyundai Japan has revealed the new models with which it will enter the Japanese
market on the 18th of January.

The line up includes the Elantra, a small sedan with 1,800-2,000 cc engines,
the Santa Fe, an SUV with 2,400-2,700cc engines, and the Trajet, a minivan with
2,000-2,700cc engines.

In April, Hyundai will introduce the XG, a luxury sedan with a 3,000 cc V6
engine, and the Elantra Euro, with five doors.

The initial annual sales target is 6,000 vehicles and Hyundai had planned to
start with 20 dealerships in 40 locations but, so far, only 10 dealerships in
10 locations have been decided.

Hyundai will compensate for low dealer numbers by opening a call centre to
co-ordinate customer servicing and by selling its cars on the internet, a sales
method so far used in Japan only by Mazda and then only for a limited range
of models.