Honda reported a record profit for the fiscal half-year on Thursday – up 1% from a year ago – on the back of strong sales around the world.

The Associated Press (AP) said profit totalled 244.3bn yen (US$2.1bn; EUR1.7bn) for the six months ended September 30, up from 241.3bn yen the same period a year ago. Fiscal half sales jumped 10% to 4.6 trillion yen from 4.17 trillion yen a year earlier.

AP said Honda revised its full year forecast upward to 490bn yen, up from its earlier forecast for 470bn yen, which would be a record high for Honda for the fifth straight year.

The car maker also revised its sales outlook to 9.6 trillion yen after projecting sales of 9.4 trillion yen in July, The Associated Press added.