Japan’s Nihon Keizai newspaper has reported that Honda Motor plans to double its motorcycle output in China to 2.3 million units by 2007 as it seeks to take a greater share of a huge market and to expand exports.

According to Reuters, the paper said Honda plans to double China sales to two million units and begin exports of motorbikes made in China to North Africa, the Middle East and other markets.

The paper reportedly said the world’s largest motorcycle maker plans to boost output efficiency at a new plant in Tianjin, north of Beijing, which was originally slated to build 300,000 motorcycles a year, and may also boost output at its main factory in Shanghai.

Despite having a 30% share of the world market with 9.11 million units in sales, Honda had only a 10% share of China’s fast-growing 11.3 million-unit motorcycle market in 2003, the paper said, according to the report.