Toyota truck arm Hino Motors on Tuesday reportedly said first-quarter pre-tax profit rose 25.5% from a year earlier, helped by robust truck and bus sales in East Asia.

According to CBS Marketwatch, Hino’s pre-tax profit in the three months ended June 30 rose to 8.74 billion yen ($US80 million) from 6.96 billion yen a year ago, Toyota Motor owns 50.11% of Japan’s biggest truck maker, the report noted.

Hino’s sales reportedly rose 12.7% to 248 billion yen from 220 billion yen a year earlier.

According to CBS Marketwatch, sales of trucks and buses overseas rose 48.3% to 11,545 units from 7,785 a year ago, reflecting robust sales in Thailand, Indonesia and other East Asian region, while sales of trucks and buses in the domestic Japanese market rose 12.8% to 9,873 units.

Production of vehicles under contract for Toyota rose 14.6% to 7,083 units from a year-ago period, the report added.

However, quarterly net profit reportedly fell 31.1% to 2.54 billion yen from 3.69 billion yen a year ago, after taking evaluation losses on assets.