Motors and Suzuki will unveil a jointly developed compact car in Japan later
this year, Associated Press (AP) reported.

At a press conference in Tokyo this morning, the two companies said that they
would develop the Cruze compact car as their first joint project under the Chevrolet
brand, AP said.

Citing GM Asia president Rudolph Schlias, AP said the Cruze would be based
on Suzuki’s new small car platform and be produced at Suzuki’s Kosai plant in
Shizuoka Prefecture, near Tokyo, at a rate of 20,000 units a year.

The model would be sold through Suzuki’s Arena dealer network and the GM AutoWorld
network, Schlais added.

GM would also export the Cruze to Australia from early 2002, AP said.

AP quoted Schlias as saying that GM and Suzuki would "explore derivatives
such as sedan and 4×4 wagon" based on the Cruze.

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