Denso says it will build a 20,000 square metre test facility for the culture of pseudochoricystis ellipsoidea, an oil-producing microalga patented by the supplier and used to help reduce CO2 emissions.

The new facility is located in Amakusa, Kumamoto, Japan and will be used to perform verification tests needed to establish large-scale microalga cultivation technologies required to improve biofuel production efficiency. The facility will start operations in April, 2016.

Since April 2008, Denso has worked to produce biofuel extracted from Pseudochoricystis ellipsoideamicroalga, which is a fast-growing, vigorous, and easy-to-cultivate microalga.

Until now, Denso has conducted microalga farming tests in a smaller 300 square metre facility located on its Zenmyo Plant site in Nishio, Aichi, Japan.

Denso’s new facility will be one of the largest sites in Japan used for this kind of study. By 2018, Denso aims to have established large-scale microalga cultivation technologies.