Denso Corporation will in June launch a map code system for easy identification of any location in Japan. It plans to offer this system in other markets later.

Conventional car navigation systems are unable to identify locations for which addresses or telephone numbers are not available – such as large sightseeing spots, rivers, ravines, and airports – but the new code system enables accurate pinpointing with a six- to 10-digit number that is predetermined according to latitude and longitude.

The minimum unit for identification is an area of nearly 33 yards by 33 yards.

The map code system can also simplify the management of vast amounts of location information by using the code number instead of specific addresses.

Denso claims there are a wide variety of applications for the new system in both business and private life.

Sales representatives can identify current location and a route to their destination and can also compile a database for business transactions using clients’ location code numbers.

A driver can easily find the location of a shop mentioned in a magazine by entering the shop’s map code into a navigation system or mobile phone. Or a meeting place such as a vast parking lot can be easily pinpointed by its code number. The information can be shared easily by giving a code to someone else.

Navigation system suppliers such as Clarion, Kenwood and Xanavi have already adopted the new system while Toyota and Nissan plan to introduce it in their vehicles.

Japan Travel Bureau, the country’s largest travel agency, already uses the system and the Japan Automobile Federation provides map codes in its publications.

The use of map codes is free to end users but corporations wanting to commercialise it will need to sign a contract with Denso and pay a fee.

Denso plans to promote the system to car navigation suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, travel agencies, publishing companies and broadcast media to make it as useful as possible.

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