Denso Corporation’s Singapore-based regional headquarters for the Asia and Oceania region, Denso International Asia, has established a wholly owned company in Bangkok, Thailand.

The new company, Denso International Asia, (DIAT), has an initial capital investment of approximately 700 million baht (approximately JPY2.5bn). A technical centre was also established as part of the new company, which was formed in February, though it was only announced this week.

Denso said the new company will oversee and provide support in areas including production planning, information systems, and training for group companies in the Asia and Oceania region. As a result, some functions from Dias in Singapore and Denso International (Thailand), which is responsible for sales and support to manufacturing companies in Thailand, will be transferred to DIAT.

The new technical centre will develop products to suit local needs.

DIAT starts operations in spring 2008, by which time the company plans to employ approximately 210 people. Investments are expected to reach approximately 1 billion baht (JPY3.6bn).

DIAS will continue to oversee Asia and Oceania operations in areas including finance, logistics, and information system development.

“Denso aims to build a competitive business structure in Asia and Oceania by positioning the appropriate functions in Thailand, where the automotive market is growing, and in Singapore with its advanced infrastructure, particularly for finance and distribution,” said Kazutaka (Ken) Nimura, president of DIAS.