Denso has developed a new and higher-performing millimetre-wave radar that has a longer and wider detection range, which helps improve the responsiveness of an active safety technology.

The multi-zone radar is significantly lower in cost due to an improved material selection and also is the comparable size as the company’s previous model. The new system is available as a factory option on the redesigned Mazda 6.

“The longer detection range enables ACC-equipped vehicles to maintain a safe and constant distance to the vehicles in front of them – even when travelling at higher speeds,” said Denso’s Hiroyuki Wakabayashi. “The radar’s wider-angle detection range allows the vehicle to respond more quickly and appropriately to other vehicles that might unexpectedly pull in front of you, and other dangers in curves and intersections.”

The new radar has a detection distance of 205m and a ±18° detection radius within a distance of 35m from the vehicle. This is compared to 151m and ±10° in the conventional product.