Toyota Motor’s minivehicle affiliate Daihatsu expects global sales to climb nearly 9% this year, helped by brisk demand outside Japan, according to Reuters.

Daihatsu president Yamada also told Reuters he wanted the company to target vehicle sales of around 1.2 million units by 2010, a 54% rise over 2003 levels.

He reportedly said the company would look for domestic sales of 600,000 units and overseas sales of 600,000-650,000 by 2010.

According to Reuters, Japan’s second-largest maker of minivehicles said it expected domestic sales this year to rise 3.3%, exports to climb 2% and overseas production to jump nearly 37%.

Combining those numbers, Daihatsu sees total sales of about 848,000 units, an 8.8% rise over the previous year, the report added.

Reuters noted that the figures differ from Toyota‘s outlook for Daihatsu last month, which only included Daihatsu brand vehicles and put the company’s global sales for 2004 at 670,000 units, up 6%.

Daihatsu’s figures include vehicles supplied to other makers such as Malaysia’s Perodua, the country’s second national car maker, which is 41% owned by Daihatsu, Reuters added.