Japanese customs authorities have confiscated 36,000 cans of Freon 12 CFC gas,
banned in Japan for harming the ozone layer, that were illegally imported from
China, Kyodo News reported, citing sources “close to the case”.

The officials have been questioning an automobile parts retailer from the Moji
district of Kitakyushu, a port city in southern Japan, who is suspected of importing
the gas by filing false customs papers, Kyodo News said.

This is the second criminal case in Japan involving the smuggle of Freon gas,
which has been banned under international treaty, Kyodo News said.

The report said that the Moji retailer tried to import about 36,000 cans of
Chinese-made Freon 12 by filing a customs declaration that the cans contained
a gas that was not banned in Japan.

The retailer allegedly told customs officers that he did not know that the
cans contained Freon and that he allowed his company’s name to be used by a
third party in exchange for money, Kyodo News said.

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