Mazda Motor is recalling nearly 90,000 Axela/3 passenger cars in Japan and China due to an oil hose defect.

The company said it will start recalling 35,181 of its 3 model in Japan- where it is called the Axela – and around 54,000 in China.

Mazda said the cars, produced from January 2006 to March 2009, have an oil hose and a radiator shroud panel placed too close together and the hose may be damaged by friction when travelling on bumpy terrain, potentially causing leaks.

A spokesman said that Mazda has received two complaints due to the problem, both in China, where the 3 is assembled locally, but no accidents have been reported.

The spokesman added that Mazda had not decided if the recall would affect other markets. Versions sold in Australia and the US have larger engines and are not affected.