Nissan Diesel will launch a hybrid truck next spring that runs off an advanced
capacitor rather than a battery, AutoAsia Online reported.

The newly developed capacitor would last the lifetime of the truck, unlike
batteries which have to be replaced several times, the website said.

AutoAsia Online said that the energy density of normal capacitors is too low
for practical use in electric vehicles, but Nissan Diesel has developed one
that doubles the current performance.

While charging batteries creates heat from chemical reactions and eventually
wears them out, a capacitor operates through the movement of ions in an electrolyte,
geneating very little heat, the website said.

According to AutoAsia Online, Nissan Diesel enlisted independent scientists
to help overcome the problem of low energy output but had difficulties developing
a production process. When attempts to source from outside suppliers failed,
the company decided to make its own capacitors.

The new capacitor can recycle almost 100% of braking energy and lasts for 600,000km
(about 400,000 miles), the website said.

AutoAsia Online said that the unit is one-third the weight of lead-acid batteries
and that trucks equipped with the capacitor are 50% more fuel efficient than
conventional CNG trucks while emitting 30% less NOx.

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