JAC Motors and Weichai have signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hefei, Anhui, where JAC Headquarters is located. Chairman of JAC Motors, An Jin, and chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and Weichai Group, Tan Xuguang, attended the signing ceremony. According to the contents of the agreement, the two sides will further deepen cooperation in new energy-saving technologies, new energy and other fields, integrate superior resources, jointly enhance market competitiveness, and achieve win-win cooperation.

According to the agreement, the two sides will further deepen cooperation and establish a comprehensive strategic partnership of common development, common progress, sharing of results, and sharing risks. On the basis of the original cooperation, the new energy-saving technologies and new energy fields, especially software, will be strengthened, making full use of the advantages of both parties in vehicle matching and core components software and hardware development, through independent development as well as cooperation and win-win, they will grasp the initiative of science and technology development, and strive to achieve key core technology breakthroughs, to create the industrial chain, ecological chain and value chain of sustainable development, which will promote the transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, and lay a solid foundation for the realisation of the automobile strong country dream.

JAC Motors and Weichai have a long history of cooperation. As early as 2013, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement and carried out a series of in-depth cooperation in the fields of R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Both parties have achieved ‘rapid development in their respective business fields and laid a good foundation for further cooperation’.

JAC Motors is a comprehensive automobile enterprise group with advanced energy-saving vehicles, new energy vehicles and intelligent network vehicles with a ‘decisive position in the industry’. In 2018, JAC sold more than 260,000 vehicles, which stabilised the scale in the downturn of the industry. Among them, light commercial vehicles were nearly 200,000 units in the whole year. The accumulated sales of high-end heavy trucks K7 are more than 2,000 vehicles in the whole year with an increase of nearly 90%. As a cross-segment and cross-industry international company, Weichai has developed into an international automotive and equipment manufacturing group with a power system as its core and covering diversified businesses such as commercial vehicles, intelligent logistics and engineering machinery. In 2018, the income exceeded CNY230bn (US$33.40bn).

JAC says it always takes “energy saving, safety, environmental protection, intelligence and comfort” as the key technology research and development route, strengthens the construction of key core technology capabilities, continuously improves the forward design and development and test verification capabilities, and promotes independent research and development capabilities. By the end of 2018, JAC had a total of 12,333 authorised patents, including 1,750 invention patents, and the domestic patent industry was at the leading. The 6DCT automatic transmission project of the National 863 Program, which has been built for seven years, realises the automatic development of the upper layer software of the automatic transmission control unit (TCU), breaks the monopoly of foreign auto transmission technology in China, and fills the blank of the domestic automatic transmission software development field, it is claimed.

Weichai ‘actively implements the innovation-driven development strategy, and has built an innovation platform that is enterprise-led, state-supported, and internationally coordinated and continues to lead the industry in upgrading and technological advancement to create the core competitiveness of technological innovation’. The key technology and application project of the heavy-duty commercial vehicle powertrain won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, which completely reversed the dilemma of China’s lack of core technology of heavy-duty powertrain. Especially in the field of research and development of autonomous electronic control systems, Weichai took the lead in breaking foreign monopoly and was at the forefront of the industry. The market supporting quantity exceeded 600,000 units, and it was equipped with “China heart” for high-end equipment in China.