Ferrari has revealed a little more information about its forthcoming 2+2 2004 model.

The company said weight distribution is improved by moving the engine back behind the front axle line and by mounting the gearbox and differential in unit with the rear axle. This layout also leaves substantial space available for the 2+2 cabin, which will comfortably accommodate four occupants. Luggage capacity will be significantly larger than the current 2+2 model – the 456M.

The V12 engine will produce a maximum 540 bhp, powering the sleek new Ferrari to a top speed in excess of 300 km/h (180mph).

The chassis frame and body panels of the 2+2 will be entirely made of aluminium. Ferrari has successfully adopted this material for the 360 Modena and its high strength with low weight offers many advantages for the larger 2+2 model, including enhanced acceleration, braking, handling, safety and stability.

The new 2+2 will make its world debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2004.