Deliveries of new cars in the Israel were up 20.6% month to month during November
when 16,483 private cars and light commercial vehicles up to 4500 kg were delivered
to customers. Imported vehicles also rose by 47% to 13,245 vehicles in comparison
to the previous month. Observers suggest that this indicates that the underlying
vehicle market in Israel remains buoyant, in spite of the Middle East troubles.

The difference between the deliveries data and the import data indicates the
growth or decrease of the importers’ stock. Stocks are being replenished. During
the first 11 months of 2000 161,765 vehicles were delivered to customers up
27.2% on the year before. That number is higher than the official registration
numbers, which are published in the second half of the month, due to certain
bodies that have their own registration systems and are not included in the
official data of the cars importers association.

According to the data from Finance Ministry during the first 11 months of the
year 137,235 cars were imported to Israel – up 33% YTD at a value of US$1.236

Ya’acov Zalel