Iran Khodro is now exporting its Samand TU5 with automatic gearbox and newly designed Samand Soren to Turkey.

Iran Khodro says the Samand sedan has received a good reception in Turkey, and that it has just added a 1600cc TU5 variant.

“The demand for Samand TU5, due to low fuel consumption and relatively high performance is strong in Turkey and we are having trouble keeping up with demand,” said the official.

He added that some 1,000 units of the Samand have been sold in Turkey.

Iran Khodro is also planning to add a diesel variant of the Samand within two years.

Referring to Turkish people’s interest in the products of the Islamic states, the export manager noted that joint borders as well as religious and cultural commonalities have helped prepare the ground for Iran Khodro to quickly build sales in Turkey.

However, he added that on-time delivery, good quality, competitive price and suitable aftersales service all play vital roles in growing vehicle exports.

Sajjad Valadi