Inteva Products has begun production in a new facility in Oradea, Romania. The new site produces roof system components for European customers and currently employs 150 people, with plans for additional growth. This is the supplier's second site in Romania, expanding the footprint it already has in that and other eastern Europe countries.

An official opening was held on 4 May, 2016.

"Romania is an ideal location for our business as it positions us near a growing customer base and local suppliers. We are pleased that our business growth has allowed us to open this additional site in Romania and look forward to even more growth in the region," the supplie said in a statement.

Since its founding in 2008, Inteva has continued to expand in eastern and central Europe with plants in Salonta, Romania; Lozorno, Slovakia; Poznan, Poland; and Rychnov, Czech Republic, the latter celebrated its opening last month.