Israel-based technology company Innoviz Technologies has launched an automotive perception platform to fast-track the production of autonomous vehicles (AVs).

InnovizAPP features automotive-grade hardware and software for AVs to identify and classify objects.

Based on Innoviz’s advanced perception software, the platform uses data derived from the company’s LiDAR sensors and combines it with proprietary AI algorithms to analyse the point cloud and estimate the speed of an object.

Innoviz claims that its software can detect and classify objects in any 3D driving scene up to 250m away, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and pedestrians.

InnovizAPP also executes real-time perception algorithms, detecting and classifying pixels as relevant or not for collisions.

The platform is currently used by some of the world’s leading automakers, helping them accelerate the timelines of consumer AV programmes.

Innoviz co-founder and CEO Omer Keilaf said: “InnovizAPP is a true technological breakthrough, offering an adaptable automotive-grade chip and a platform that can be integrated into existing vehicles.

“We developed it in response to requests from major automakers, and our customers in Asia, Europe and North America are already optimising their VA programmes with this platform, which is quickly becoming the benchmark for customer validation.”

In a statement, Innoviz said: “InnovizAPP hardware provides automotive-grade benchmark design based on low-cost components.

“It connects to existing vehicle systems and enables real-time perception in a simple, out-of-the-box way, allowing automakers to test and learn how to build their own autonomous driving systems.”

Innoviz said that its perception software and LiDAR solid-state sensor, InnovizOne, are being adopted by key industry leaders such as BMW.

The company is backed by strategic partners and leading investors, including SoftBank Ventures Asia, Samsung , Magna International , Aptiv and Magma Venture Partners.