Innogy has established a United States subsidiary to enter the American e-mobility market known as innogy e-mobility US, based in Los Angeles.

Business activities will focus on California and other US States which have stipulated zero-emission requirements for new vehicles, with Cameron Funk as CEO.

“We are firm believers in the future of electric mobility,” said innogy CEO, Peter Terium. “For this reason, innogy is working to drive forward the expansion of clean, climate-friendly mobility.

“In Germany, we are already the leader in terms of number of charging points. Now we want to continue this success in the US. For there too, electric mobility and climate protection are a mega-topic for many States and big cities – and we have the solutions for tomorrow’s traffic.”

The company’s portfolio spans the value chain, from production, marketing, supply and construction of charging solutions up to operation of charging infrastructure based on its in-house software.

Innogy also markets a range of additional services in connection with e-vehicle electricity.

During the course of other collaborations, innogy has already established itself in the US market for e-mobility. Now, with BTCpower, innogy has gained a hardware partner for high-speed charging systems, which have been upgraded with an increased range of functions.