Infinitum Electric is to partner with an unnamed US automotive supplier to support the development of a hybrid vehicle.

The company will validate performance of its IEm Series motor using oil cooling techniques before building a purpose-designed motor for hybrid assist powertrains used for more efficient hybrid vehicles.

“Twenty-five trillion kilowatt hours of electricity are consumed per year, of which 45% is consumed by electric motors,” said a statement from Infinitum Electric. “This leaves a significant opportunity for many industries, including automotive, to develop or replace machines using traditional electric motors with ultra high-efficiency electric motors, which consume far less energy.

“Infinitum Electric is enabling this transition with its IEm Series of motors.”

The IEm Series motor was selected to optimise the reliability and range for hybrid vehicles. Designed without heavy iron core and copper windings, the motors offers up to 250 kW power range, up to 25,000 RPM and power density of up to 12kW/kg.

By replacing the conventional laminated stator core with printed circuit board technology, mass and audible noise are drastically reduced, says the company and the elimination of core losses significantly improves efficiency. Optimised magnetic configurations improve power density further and the core-less architecture maintains high performance at high speeds.

The motors can also be rapidly manufactured where they are used.