Infiniti will launch its new InTouch services with the new Q60 sports coupe, due on sale in European markets soon.

The new infotainment features improve comfort, convenience and safety, and reflect the brand’s strategy towards customer-centric and premium mobility services.

With faster processing power, InTouch can now manage over 250 programmable settings for engine, suspension and steering (accessed through the drive mode selector), seat position, audio and navigation, as well as heating and ventilation. The preferred settings for three drivers can be stored on the intelligent key.

Q60 owners will be able to access some vehicle functions remotely using the InTouch app which interacts directly with the car. Drivers can activate and use services through the car, smartphone or personal computer.

Comfort, convenience and safety features that come with Infiniti InTouch services include:

  • In-vehicle breakdown calling at the touch of a button.
  • Reminder notification when vehicle is due for scheduled maintenance.
  • Ability to check the latest available position of the car on smartphone or computer.
  • Ability to sound the horn or flash the lights remotely using the app to locate the car when needed.
  • Providing a monthly overview of the car’s status regarding ABS, airbags, brakes, engine, oil pressure, and tyre pressure.
  • Notification when a warning light is triggered in the vehicle.
  • After potential theft, incident is communicated either with an automatic alert or directly by the customer to the service provider which liaises with the police and tracks the vehicle position.

Europe Q60 deliveries start in October.