Tata Motors has announced that group vehicle sales grew by 50% year-on-year in May to 79,819 units.

The group’s sales – comprising Tata, Tata Daewoo and Hispano Carrocera range of commercial vehicles, Tata passenger vehicles along with distributed brands in India, and Jaguar and Land Rover , were 157,548 units in the first two months of the fiscal year beginning last month, 52% up on last year.
Sales of all passenger vehicles were 43,130 in May 2010, a growth of 54% on last year. Cumulative sales for the fiscal are 86,389, growth of 60%.
Jaguar Land Rover global sales in May 2010 were 19,053 vehicles, higher by 72% on last year. Jaguar sales for the month were 5,120, higher by 34%, while Land Rover sales were 13,933, higher by 93%.

Cumulative sales of Jaguar Land Rover for the fiscal are 36,962, higher by 66%. Cumulative sales of Jaguar are 8,679, higher by 18%, while cumulative sales of Land Rover are 28,283, higher by 91%.