Indian car maker Tata Engineering (TELCO) is considering a joint venture plant in China to make cars and pick-ups.

“Many Chinese companies have approached us. We have decided that the only way to address the Chinese market is to manufacture locally,” the commercial general manager of Telco’s passenger car unit, Rajiv Dube, told the Press Trust of India yesterday.

Telco would make a final decision on a joint venture by the end of its financial year.

“At present, we will have to manufacture locally in China as imports of completely built units are not viable there due to high duties and a small market,” Dube said.

Duties would, however, have to be brought down with China’s entry this year into the World Trade Organisation, Dube added.

Telco makes a small car called the Indica as well as a range of pick-ups and an SUV spin-off from that range.


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