Porsche has announced that it will sell its cars in India, reports Autocar India.

Porsche will sell its cars in India through New Delhi-based Exclusive Motors, which has been appointed the sole distributor for Porsche cars in India. Porsche will enter the market with the Porsche Cayenne SUV.

The Autocar India report says that Exclusive Motors also distributes Bentley cars and is hoping to eventually add the entire Porsche range to its offering. It is planned that the Cayenne will be followed by the Boxster.

The report adds that the Cayenne’s high ground clearance is ‘practical for our roads’. Prices will start at Rs 50 lakh for the base V6 version with the turbo expected to retail at Rs 90 lakh.

The Autocar India report also says that homologation procedures for cars above US$40,000 have been scrapped making importation of luxury cars easier.

Note: 1 lakh = 100,000 rupees (Rs); 1US$ = approx 45 rupees at current exchange rate