Management at Maruti Suzuki’s Manesar plant called police as workers met to discuss the suspension of two of their colleagues.

The two workers had been suspended on charges of ‘instigating fellow workers to participate in an agitation’, according to local media reports.

No production was lost on Tuesday night but the workers said that they planned “to fight it out till the end” against the alleged high-handedness of the management

Sonu Gurjar, president of Maruti Suzuki Employees’ Union (MSEU), said the management suspended one union vice-president and another union officer charging them of long absenteeism. “The MSIL management has suspended two workers, alleging that they had been absent from work for 13-15 days without seeking formal leave. On July 28, too, four members of our union were suspended. The management seems to have decided to suppress our demands by targeting the workers,” he added.

Fearing protest from workers, the management had called a large number of policemen in the Manesar plant complex, said a worker. Gurjar warned, “We will decide the future course of action against the suppression tactics employed by the management in the union’s executive body meeting. The management is deliberately targeting the office-bearers of the new union.”