Total sales of passenger cars in India increased in January 2001, rising to 50,289 in comparison to 47,528 for the same month last year.

During the first ten months of this year, cumulative sales dropped to 409,074 from 469,608 during the corresponding period of 2000.

Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Three Wheelers and Mopeds recorded a decline in January sales while Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs), Scooters and Motorcycles registered an increase.

In January 2001, sales of Light Commercial Vehicles increased from 5,448 to 6,216. Cumulative sales also increased from 48,327 to 51,099.

Sales of scooters increased from 113,753 to 374,218 in January this year, with cumulative sales also rising from 1,025,608 to 1,082,468.

Sales in the motorcycle sector also rose, from 166,272 to 178,670 in January this year, with cumulative sales rising from 1,423,706 to 1,799,348 during the first ten months of the current fiscal.

Multi Utility Vehicles recorded a decline in sales to 11,541 in January from 12,022 in January 2000. However, an increase in cumulative sales was registered during the first ten months of the current fiscal to 99,772, which compares to 96,947 for the corresponding period of last year.

Sales of Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles dropped from 12,903 in January 2000, to 8,762 in January, 2001. Telco topped this category with 5,944 sales, followed by Ashok Leyland Ltd. reporting 2,810 sales. Cumulative sales (April to January period) saw Telco register 40,710 sales with Ashok Leyland reporting 26,563 sales.

Moped sales decreased from 69,931 to 32,074 in January 2001. Cumulative sales also declined from 595,185 to 562,930.

A fall in sales from 16,219 to 14,024 in January was recorded within the Three-Wheeler category, although cumulative sales rose from 171,773 to 184,456.

Passenger Cars, Three-Wheelers, Moped, Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles, and LCVs registered an increase in exports for January.

Indian auto-maker Maruti Udyog Ltd (MUL) reported 35,993 sales in January 2001, compared to 6,981 for Hyundai, 3,069 for Telco and 2,374 for Hindustan Motors.

MUL improved its sales from January 2000, where it sold 30,883 units, while Hyundai dropped from 7,308 to 6,981. Telco sales declined from 6,636 to 3,069 with Hindustan Motors’ sales dropping from 2,443 to 2,374 units.

Mahindra and Mahindra topped the multi utility vehicles category, although its sales dropped to 4,885 in January 2001 from 6,045 in January 2000. The cumulative period for the first ten months of the current fiscal also saw a drop to 46,037 from 57,014 in the corresponding period of the previous year.

The cumulative export of passenger cars reported an increase from 16,264 to 18,935, with MUL was topping this category with a share of 12,327 units. Hyundai followed with 4,520 sales.

This figure was a major increase for Hyundai as it could only export 30 vehicles during the corresponding period in 2000. Daewoo Motors (India) Ltd. sold 1,551 cars in ten months in the overseas market.