India’s Trades Union Congress (AITUC) says it is satisfied with the pay deal reached at Maruti Suzuki’s powertrain plant although issues still remain unresolved concerning some suspended workers.

The company’s powertrain factory was the subject of a recent strike but, despite the resolution of the wages dispute, three union members were suspended.

“There is no problem right now in the Maruti powertrain plant – recently a settlement has been arrived at between the union and the management,” AITUC national secretary Darshan Sachdev told just-auto from India.

“The only issue is three officers of the union are under suspension because they participated in the strike. It [pay] is a substantial increase because the powertrain workers were demanding the pay scales the same as at Manesar [Maruti’s car assembly plant] .

“The powertrain [plant] is a joint venture between Suzuki Motor Car Production and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd in a 70:30 [split].”

The national secretary added the Suzuki Powertrain India Employees Union had been consulting the AITUC concerning its demands although the former is not officially linked to the national body.

“The powertrain union took advice from the AITUC and others, but taking advice does not mean they are affiliated,” said Sachdev.

The breakout of industrial relations harmony at the powertrain site follows a settlement at the Manesar plant, which has been the scene of major employee unrest this year with strikes and sit-ins at the 7,000-strong factory.

Maruti Suzuki was not immediately available for comment.