Market leader Maruti Suzuki exported its millionth vehicle on Monday (30 April). The red A-star – known as Alto and Celerio in other markets – was among a shipment of 2,200 vehicles and will be sold in Denmark.

The shipment also marked the 100,000th vehicle destined for Algeria, making the north African country the first to import 100,000 units from Maruti Suzuki.

Shinzo Nakanishi, CEO of Maruti Suzuki, described the sale of 1m cars in overseas markets as “a significant milestone for us” 

He said that Maruti Suzuki had realigned its export strategy since the ending of scrappage incentives in Europe.

“The market for us has shifted significantly from Europe to non-European countries. This strategy worked in our favour and helped us retain our export numbers after European nations withdrew the scrappage incentives.”

Two years ago, 75% of Marutu Suzuki exports went to Europe and 23% went to non-EU markets. The non-EU share is now 66%, the company said.

A-star exports began in January 2009 and have now exceeded 300,000 in over 100 countries.

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