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Reuters reports that India’s domestic passenger car sales soared 24.2 per cent in September, according to industry data. The report said that the growth was fuelled by rising incomes and attractive finance schemes.

Car sales in September rose to 70,492 units from 56,765 in the same month a year ago, the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) said in a statement.

Sales in April-September, the first half of this business year ending March 2005, rose 20.8 per cent to 385,859 units from 319,450 a year earlier.

Sales of commercial vehicles, or trucks and buses combined, were up 18 per cent to 27,766 units in the past month, up from 23,527 in the same month a year earlier. Sales in April-September rose 29 per cent to 140,616 units from 109,426 a year earlier.