India-based Hydrodrive Systems and Controls launches common Electronic Catalytic Convertor for all automobile fuels for moving towards zero emissions.

“Hydrodrive Electronic Catalytic Convertor has made it possible now to enable engine manufacturers to move towards the goal of achieving ‘zero emissions’ from all automobile fuels namely the diesel, leaded and unleaded gasoline engines along with other technologies available already,” said S. Gopalakrishnan Krishnan, the managing director of Hydrodrive Systems and Controls, who is also the inventor of the Electronic Catalytic Convertor.

The Electronic Catalytic Convertor excites the fuel molecules with microwave electronics and does molecular engineering of the fuel for complete combustion. Catalytic convertors are considered only as exhaust devices. This terminology has now changed with the new invention. Electronic Catalytic Convertor can be installed as a pre-engine device with any engine. The excited electrons of the fuel molecules doing energy catalysis of the fuel improving their quality and property online the vehicle makes the 1998 Nobel prize concepts in quantum physics and quantum chemistry a practical reality.

The electronic catalytic convertor is now fitted to several in use vehicles in India apart from being the world’s first common pre engine electronic catalytic convertor for all automobile fuels, it is also the first catalytic convertor to offer fuel savings due to improved combustion. As an incidental benefit in many developing countries, diesel is very widely used in passenger cars to public transport and the diesel vehicles are allowed to run without an emission control device.

Even for the diesel engine and vehicle manufacturers in the Europe and in the U.S., the electronic catalytic convertor would bring in a great relief as with complete combustion of the fuel and almost no particulate emissions, the servicing span for the particulate traps could be several folds increased while the size of the exhaust convertor or the traps could be considerably reduced.

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