Motors India has added the Opel Swing, a five-door station wagon based on the
previous-generation Corsa, to the local line-up.

The Swing is offered in 1.4- or 1.6-litre versions with eight valve engines.
Both have air conditioning as standard but the 1.6 is better equipped than the
1.4 with extras such as a rear window wash/wipe system.

GM India expects to sell 200 Swings a month and is aiming its new model at
rivals such as Fiat‘s Siena Weekend and the Suzuki Baleno.

Like other local Opel models, the Swing is modified for Indian conditions with
stronger suspension, increased ride height, more durable interior trim and a
more powerful air conditioner.

GM India invested $US1.5 million tooling up for the new model which has 58
per local content.

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