has launched its information technology hub for Asia at a ceremony in India. Ford
Information Technology Services India (FITSI) was launched in Chennai today.

FITSI will serve as the hub for Ford’s information technology initiatives in
India and throughout the Asia Pacific region. FITSI will deliver high quality
solutions in business software, Computer Aided Engineering (CAD/CAM) and call
centre/e-mail processing. Ford Asia Pacific (FAP) will be the first customer
of FITSI, to implement region wide Consumer Connect e- Business solutions. Apart
from the creation and development of systems within Ford Asia Pacific, FITSI
services may be utilised for other web initiatives in the region.

"FITSI clearly demonstrates Ford’s continuing, long-term commitment to India,”
says Phil Spender, managing director, Ford India Ltd. "We recognize that India
is a leader in developing computer software and E-commerce business solutions
— and we want to tap into that expertise.”

Vaughn Koshkarian, Vice President, Ford Motor Company, added: "Our centre in
India will play a key role in developing e-commerce solutions to connect Ford
with our suppliers, our dealers and our consumers.”

Ford has three local partners in FITSI: Covansys, Satyam Computers and Thirdware.
Ford will provide the infrastructure while the associate companies will supply
most of the IT services. FITSI is located at Tidel Park, a high-tech centre
in Chennai. The facility will cover over 80,000 square feet, housing 800 workstations
for software engineers.

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