The Chrysler customer service centre outsourced to India is to be moved back to Michigan and Utah in the United States.

It’s just been one year since Chrysler set up the Indian centre but complaints from US customers about quality of support and hard-to-understand foreign accents have forced the company to move the operation back.

It will be some time until all calls are answered in the US but this seems to be a trend globally, with many businesses making such a switch. The Royal Bank of Scotland has run ads saying it uses only call centres based in the UK, for example. just-auto understands computer giant Dell has also attracted complaints from US customers over using offshore centres. Some Asia-Pacific markets outsource call centres to the Philippines.

“In these difficult times, we all must view each customer as a keeper,” Chrysler’s customer satisfaction director, Paul Alcala, wrote on the automaker’s corporate blog.

“As promised by senior management, we are in the process of transitioning the customer assistance centre toll-free telephone number from India back to the United States.”

The automaker said it was opening call centres in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and Salt Lake City.

Chrysler didn’t comment on the degree of success it had with its offshore call centres, which were implemented as a cost-savings measure.

Kevin Jacobs