Hyundai Motor and Toyota Motor agreed to join a research group to develop common standards for refueling systems for hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles.

The two companies are the biggest proponents of hydrogen as a fuel of the future and are leading the way in bringing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to market.

They will join five leading global companies in this sector, including France's Air Liquide, Nel, Shell and Nikola, in developing standardised parts for hydrogen refueling systems.

Nikola is a US manufacturer of alternative fuel vehicles based in Phoenix, Arizona, while Nel is a Norwegian startup focused on hydrogen fuel technology.

The consortium aims to accelerate the use hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles by standardising refueling technology based on 700 bar of pressure. It will look to develop standardised technologies for equipment such as large storage tanks, receptacles, nozzles and hoses. 

Hydrogen refueling technology has already been standardised for passenger cars but not yet for commercial vehicles, according to Hyundai Motor. These use larger storage tanks and would require long refueling times if they relied on passenger car refueling systems, the automaker added.