Hyundai Motor is considering investing in a small Israeli manufacturer of smart glass to help it develop products for new vehicles, according to reports in South Korea.

The automaker was said to be in talks with Gauzy, a manufacturer of liquid crystal glass panels for a number of end user applications, mostly in automotive and construction.

Gauzy uses smart glass to make vehicle sunroofs, automotive windscreens and windows and transparent/opaque glass panels for buildings.

The report, citing a company spokesman, suggested Hyundai was looking to use Gauzy technology and products in next generation, environment friendly passenger vehicles and in future urban air mobility vehicles. 

Hyundai reportedly has teamed up with Singapore based venture fund BlueRed Partners and US materials science firm Avery Dennison to make the investment in the Israeli startup with a planned investment of KRW4bn (US$3.3m).

Hyundai Motor has stated its intention to become a 'mobility solutions' provider which includes air taxi services across major cities using drone technology.