Ionity says Hyundai Motor Group has joined as a partner and shareholder following a review by regulatory authorities.

Together with the South Korean car manufacturer, the team will drive the expansion of its high-power charging network along European highways.

“I am very pleased that, with the Hyundai Motor Group and its commitment to e-mobility, we bring another strong partner aboard,” said Ionity CEO, Michael Hajesch.

“The participation of the Hyundai Motor Group underlines the importance and economic potential of Ionity, as the operator of the leading high-power charging network in Europe.”

For his part, Hyundai Motor Group head of Product Division, Thomas Schemera, added: “By investing in Ionity, we are now part of one of the most comprehensive charging infrastructure networks in Europe.

“Our support for our customers doesn’t end at the time of sale. We are committed to providing holistic solutions to make it easier for people to make the switch to eco-mobility.”

The Ionity high power charging network uses European charging standard CCS (Combined Charging System) and is sourced by 100% renewable energy.