Hyundai Motor Group has introduced 'HTWO', a new brand to represent the group's hydrogen fuel cell system.

The company said the brand will present hydrogen as a positive energy for humanity. HTWO stands for 'H2', the hydrogen molecule, whilst also representing 'Hydrogen' and 'Humanity', the 'two main pillars of Hyundai's fuel cell business'.

Hyundai said the launch of the new fuel cell system brand will help facilitate Hyundai's global fuel cell business and grow the hydrogen ecosystem.

With HTWO, Hyundai Motor Group maintains it is stepping up efforts for the development of a next-generation hydrogen fuel cell system that can be applied to various forms of mobility such as UAM (Urban Air Mobility), automobiles, vessels and trains. The next-generation fuel cell system be available for many different mobility products and services and Hyundai said  it will deliver enhanced performance and durability at an affordable price in a lighter architecture with enhanced energy density.

With its next generation fuel cell system, the group aims to offer a highly efficient and diversified line-up of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Through strategic partnerships with hydrogen, energy and logistics companies around the world, Hyundai Motor Group says it has expanded its fuel cell system business, accelerating development of a hydrogen society and laying the foundation for the company's HTWO brand, with initial focus on major hub regions – Korea, the United States , Europe and China .