Hyundai Motor is working with SP Group, Singapore's national gas and electricity utility company, to promote electric vehicles and help establish a recharging network.

The automaker also agreed to supply electric vehicles to Singapore and to establish EV battery rental and replacement services, or 'battery as a service' (Baas). 

SP Group chief executive Stanley Huang said in a statement "it is essential for Singapore to generate an environment in which customers can purchase EVs at reasonable prices and have easy access to charging stations". 

The group plans to complete construction of a network of around 1,000 charging stations in Singapore by the end of this year. The Singapore government has stated it wants to replace most vehicles in use in the island nation with low and zero emission vehicles by 2040.

In October Hyundai Motor began construction of a new R&D centre in Singapore that will look to explore and develop new global opportunities for new mobility services and products.