Allison Transmission says it is in partnership with Hyundai Motor Company, for the launch of the Allison 1000 xFE fully automatic transmission in the 2.5 and 3.5-ton Mighty Light Duty Truck.

Hyundai Motor Company has selected the Allison 1000 Series with xFE technology. Prior to the release of the 1000 xFE, the Mighty was available exclusively with a manual transmission. A growing interest by Korean and global fleets in two pedal operation, paired with increasing need for ease of operation, fuel economy, reliability, service availability, and productivity made the Allison Transmission the obvious choice for Hyundai Motor Company.

“Allison Transmission is a long standing partner being part of our medium duty truck range and both large and small buses,” said Mr. Lee Yang Seon, Head of Commercial Vehicle Marketing Group (Vice President) at Hyundai Motor Company. “Customers of Hyundai Mighty trucks will enjoy superb durability and value and a safer driving and riding experience with the Allison 1000 xFE. The 1000 xFE will be delivered with factory installed synthetic fluid resulting in better Total Cost of Ownership. With the release, Hyundai will have a competitive advantage over their competition.”

The Allison 1000 xFE offers improved launch performance, increased productivity, smoother shifting, easier operation, and enhanced driver comfort, as compared to competitive manual and automated manual transmissions. The Allison 1000 xFE fully automatic transmission utilizes a patented torque converter for a launching device, which offers superior performance and eliminates clutch replacements. This results in increased economic value due to productivity and reduced downtime versus traditional manual and automated manual transmissions. Through the torque converter, the 1000 xFE will achieve optimized maneuvering in confined spaces whether in city conditions or on construction sites.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Hyundai Motor Company to bring this valuable combination to market as the first truck application with our xFE technology, and thank them for strengthening our partnership. We recognize that Hyundai leads innovation in the extremely dynamic Korean and global commercial vehicle industry,” said Mr. Ashwin Gopalaswamy, Executive Director of Asia Pacific Sales at Allison Transmission. “We’re confident the Allison 1000 xFE in the Mighty will deliver everything our mutual customers have been asking for.” The Mighty with Allison 1000 xFE began full production in January 2020.

The Mighty truck with the Allison 1000 xFE is anticipated to address a variety of domestic segments in Korea, including pick-up and delivery, specialty, refuse, and fire, and will be exported to Australia as well. The domestic market alone represents approximately 10,000 vehicles annually.