Air Liquide, CaetanoBus and Toyota Motor Europe have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop integrated hydrogen products.

Joint projects will explore infrastructure development and the use of vehicle fleets to accelerate use of hydrogen in both light and heavy duty vehicles.

The three companies will use their expertise to address the entire value chain of hydrogen mobility, ranging from renewable or low-carbon hydrogen production, distribution and refuelling infrastructure, to the deployment across different vehicle segments.

Initially the focus will be on buses, light commercial vehicles and cars, with a further aim to accelerate the heavy duty truck segment.

Plans include refuelling stations, as well as vehicle leasing and service for taxi companies, fleet operators, local authorities, and others.

Matthieu Giard of Air Liquide said: “Such partnerships are essential to create efficient ecosystems that will foster the emergence of hydrogen mobility in Europe.”

Matt Harrison of Toyota Motor Europe, said: “[Our] role is to bring the hydrogen applications into the ecosystem.”

Patricia Vasconcelos of CaetanoBus said: “Our goal as a bus manufacturer is to continuously develop new hydrogen buses, to reduce carbon footprint in cities.”