Chinese telecoms giant Huawei aims to offer a fully functioning autonomous driving system commercially by 2025, according to local reports citing a senior executive of the company.

Huawei unveiled its autonomous driving capability at the Shanghai auto show in April when it showed the Arcfox car model which it said was capable of self-driving for 1,000km (600 miles) and navigating through busy urban traffic without driver input.

The head of Huawei’s smart vehicle business unit, Wang Jun, told reports at a forum in Hefei: “We are working to make passenger vehicles driverless by 2025.”

He said he expectED driverless vehicles to enter the Chinese market between 2025 and 2030 with autonomous technologies combining with other smart onboard systems.

“Vehicle cabins will become smart spaces. As for what people can do there, there are boundless possibilities,” Wang added.

Xpeng Motors chairman and CEO, He Xiaopeng, speaking at the same event, said: “in the 2025-2035 period vehicles will become much more than transport tools, just as the primary function of today’s smartphones is not making calls.”

Xiaopeng added: “we have noticed many of our customers spend more time in their vehicles, even when they are parked.”

He expected sales of electric vehicles would soar when high-level autonomous features become available.