As part of its commitment to helping vehicle manufacturers produce cleaner vehicles, Horiba Mira has opened a new propulsion test and development centre at its UK headquarters in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

The centre is a testing facility for engine development, providing emissions, performance and validation testing with the latest simulation hardware, which effectively replicates environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure and humidity.

The centre has been specifically developed in response to the need for OEMs to meet ever-stringent emissions standards since the introduction of the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test in 2017.

Where traditionally customers have relied on on-road testing to develop RDE compliant propulsion systems, the centre capabilities will essentially enable RDE testing with Engine in the Loop (EiL) to be carried out in a simulated environment across all the RDE boundary conditions without the need for a vehicle. Designed to complement MIRA's advanced emissions test centre RDE capability, it will allow OEMs to engineer a vehicle for emissions compliance much earlier in the development cycle, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

The  company spent about GBP4m on this latest technology. This includes the addition of the unique MEDAS system which can accurately replicate real-word altitude conditions for vehicle emissions testing, into both centres.

Declan Allen, managing director, said: "As one of very few facilities of its kind around the world, the result is the ultimate engine development lab where businesses can have all of their performance, testing and validation needs taken care of under one roof – making the process of creating a vehicle for emissions compliance effective and efficient."

The new centre includes steady state to high dynamic, low inertia dyno engine testing with emissions measurements, together with experienced engineers and technicians on hand to meet customer specific requirements.