Honda Motor is recalling 1.79m vehicles worldwide in four separate campaigns, including some linked to reported fires, Reuters reported.

The recalls cover 1.4m vehicles in the United States.

The automaker told the news agency one recall covers 268,000 2002-2006 model year CR-V vehicles in the US to replace power window master switches. Honda said there had been no reported injuries, but 16 fires reported related to the issue.

Honda conducted a prior recall of the power window master switches in 2012. The new recall is in response to moisture related failures of switches repaired under that previous campaign, Reuters said.

Honda is also recalling about 735,000 US 2018-2020 Accord, Accord Hybrid and 2019-2020 Insight vehicles to update the body control module software. A programming flaw could disrupt communication causing illumination of several warning lights and malfunction of electronic components, the automaker said, including "the rear view camera display, turn signals and windshield wipers."

Reuters said Honda is also issuing two recalls covering 430,000 US vehicles in 22 US states and the District of Columbia (with significant road salt use) to inspect and potentially replace front drive shafts. Both are in response to possible breakage of the drive shafts due to corrosion. No injuries have been reported in relation any of the recalls, the company said.

Honda said repair parts were not available for all vehicles involved in the drive shaft recalls. The recalls cover some 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid, 2007-2014 Fit and 2013-2015 Acura ILX, the 2013 Acura ILX Hybrid and 2013-2015 Accord vehicles. No crashes have been reported in the drive shaft or software recalls, the news agency noted.