Honda is expanding its recall in North America of late-model vehicles equipped with potentially defective Takata air bags, media reports said.

A Honda dealer told Reuters the automaker has writtent to dealers in the US telling them it will recall up to 2m Honda and Acura vehicles over air bag problems. The  NHTSA told the news agency it had received a recall notice from Honda.

Honda Canada is recalling over 269,000 cars, including the 2016 Acura ILX, because the driver's air bag inflator could rupture and send metal fragments into vehicle occupants.

Most of the vehicles that reportedly are being recalled in the United States are the same models as those in the Canadian recall.

Honda has previously recalled over 6m vehicles in the United States since 2008 to replace Takata inflators that could rupture. Of nine US deaths connected with those inflators, eight have come in Honda vehicles, Reuters said.

The report noted US senators Richard Blumenthal and Edward Markey have urged NHTSA to recall all cars with Takata inflators. They estimated 24m such vehicles remain on US roads.