Honda Mobility Solutions has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with two taxi and limousine service providers in Japan, Teito Motor Transportation and Kokusai Motorcars, to discuss providing a ‘mobility as a service’ (MaaS) business in Japan.

They aim to launch autonomous vehicle service in central Tokyo in the mid-2020s, after considering relevant laws and regulations, service designs and the division of roles and responsibilities among the companies.

Honda already plans to launch a MaaS service in Japan in the mid 2020s using the Cruise Origin, a vehicle Cruise, General Motors and Honda are jointly developing.

“HMS will join forces with Teito and KM Group to explore how autonomous vehicle mobility services can be offered as safe, convenient and comfortable services customers can use with peace of mind,” a statement said.

They will work with transportation service providers and local municipalities and conduct various testing programmes including autonomous driving technology.