Honda Motor said it would change its automobile business from a collaborative structure where each area of S-E-D-B (Sales, Engineering/production, Development and Buying/purchasing) maintains autonomy and works in collaboration to a unified structure which integrates S-E-D-B areas.

Automobile Operations:

  • Honda Motor Production Operations, Purchasing Operations and automobile business functions currently being assumed by Business Management Operations
  • Honda R&D functions related to the development of automobile products, except for product design and a few other functions.
  • Honda Engineering Cofunctions related to the development of automobile manufacturing technologies and the production of automobile manufacturing equipment

All S-E-D-B areas, currently separated by their respective functions, will be integrated into Automobile Operations and reorganised into organisations based on the new process of operations:

  • Business Supervisory Unit: responsible for formulating business strategies which will flexibly address changes in the business environment
  • Monzoukuri Center: which will develop competitive products by advancing automobile manufacturing
  • Production Supervisory Unit: responsible for automobile production as well as the production quality control and high level standardisation of quality on a global basis  
  • Supply Chain Management Supervisory Unit: which will plan and implement the supply chain optimised for business strategies
  • Sales Supervisory Unit: responsible for formulating and implementing strategies which are unified with regional operations

A new Business Unit Officer post will be created with responsibility for supervising the entire process from planning through preparation of mass-production for each model series.

 Production Operations and Purchasing Operations will be disbanded.

After Honda Engineering transfers some production technology research and development functions to Honda R&D, it will be absorbed and merged by Honda Motor. 

Honda R&D will change its organisational structure to further strengthen its initiatives to "create new value by exploring unknown worlds" which was its original purpose. 

It will focus on the research and development of new-value products and technologies in some key areas such as new mobility, robotics and energy.
The Innovative Research Excellence centre will add research and development functions in some new domains including intelligence technologies, manufacturing/engineering technologies, automated driving and advanced driver assist systems.
The Innovative Research Excellence – Power Unit & Energy centre will be newly established to integrate research and development functions for power unit and energy technologies for motorcycles, automobiles, power products and business jets.

The Automobile Center and Digital Solution Center will be integrated into Honda Motor and further strengthened.

Honda will integrate all functions related to connected services and eMaaS strategy planning, development and business implementation, which are currently being assumed by individual businesses, and newly establish the MaaS Operations within Honda Motor. The new MaaS Operations will pursue planning and development of new services across a broad range of products including motorcycles, automobiles and Life Creation.

Honda Motor also established a new company, Honda Mobility Solutions which will pursue mobility services (MaaS) business in Japan.